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Take Action

What can you do? Here's a pile of ideas to help you get started!
Tell Us Your Action Story

Organize a student boycott of the standardized tests at your school and leave the tests blank - here's how!

  • Be a local SAT coordinator
  • Give out this test instead
  • Hang up these flyers
  • Get the SAT Action Pack and find out more tips on how to organize a group, spread the word, and prepare for the day of action
  • Wear this shirt
  • Pass out a student petition
  • Read!
  • Set up a table at lunch with information
  • Hold a school-wide forum about the use of standardized tests.
  • Campaign for a student-designed curriculum or alternative assessments.
  • Research your state's opt-out policy and find out if it is legal to not take the tests at all.
  • Support and investigate alternatives to high-stakes tests.
  • Get a sample copy of the exams if you can.
  • Write a letter to local administrators and public officials
  • Organize a delegation to talk to administrators, legislators, and the media
On Testing Day...
  • Make administrators and politicians take the test
  • Hold a press conference. Invite the local newspapers, radio stations, community members, and school staff.
  • Write your own test and distribute it.
  • Hand out this explanation (or write something yourself)
  • Hang a banner on testing day that says "Be a Hero, Take a Zero!"
  • Have an anti-test pep rally in the gymnasium
  • Send the exams back! Gather as much test-related material as you can and flood the offices of either the test manufacturer or state department of education by mail.
  • Be your own test journalist! Write what pep talks your teachers give you, what your classes are like, etc. Write a detailed account of all the things you notice and what happens during the test and send it to us or publish it
Feel free to email us if you have any questions. We'd love to hear what happens! Good luck and have fun!