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Action Gallery

180 Freshmen and Sophomores from Boulder Valley High School and New Vista High School in Boulder, CA donned red arm bands and white stickers bearing their student ID numbers, carrying a banner reading "teaching not testing" on their way to an after-school news conference

Annelise Schantz, the valedictorian of her high school class in Hudson, MA, denounced the state's high stakes test while the governor sat on the stage.

1800 students and parents on May 7, 2001 staged a demonstration at the capitol building in Albany, NY in an effort to ease the strict new high school graduation requirements around the Regents exams

200 students in Illinois deliberately filled in wrong answers on the English and Math tests in spring of 2000

Of the 290 8th graders in upscale Scarsdale, NY supposed to take the test, only 95 did.

Curt Doble, a 10th grader at Danvers High School in Massachusetts signed a petition against the MCAS and refused to take it. He was suspended and then arrested at his home and held in jail overnight under the suspicious charges that "someone" heard him make a bomb threat. Months later a judge dismissed the charge, saying there was no probably cause to have issued the arrest warrant

70 R.A. Long high school students boycotted the WASL in May of 2001, leading their principal to remark, "Now it's going to be hard for us to get an accurate score so we can continue our work here."

Connor Murphy, a 5th grader in Gardnerville, Nevada, when given a second time to pass his state-mandated exam in order to graduate, drew a straight line through all the A bubbles on his last test to invalidate the results

East Chapel Hill High School juniors, organized by student government, refused to take a practice exam, leading one student to doodle protest cartoons on the test

16 year-old Eva Shteir in Newton, MA refused to take the spring of 1999 MCAS telling the Associated Press, "I can't believe that I face suspension because I don't want to be a guinea pig in this little experiment."

More than 35% of Sir Francis Drake High School students and 22% of Tamalpais High School students got their parents to sign waivers excusing them from the Stanford 9 achievement tests

500 people came for a student-organized rally at the Boston Common protesting the MCAS where 8,000 signatures of a student petition were collected and presented to the governor