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Go Local!

SAT is seeking local coordinators all around the nation to strengthen this grassroots anti-testing movement. Right in your hometown, whether it's just one of you or a quickly growing group, you can join up with the SAT network of activists all around the country to share information, tips, and stories.

Below are a few brief questions that can help us support you as best we can, and allow us to get to know more about what you do. The more detailed the response, the better for us. Thanks!

City: State: Zip Code:

What type of activities are you interested in doing on a local level?

(most importantly) How can we can support you as a local coordinator?

Are you interested in forming a larger group or just doing individual work?

Do you have any previous experience in the world of education or activism?

Do you have any fundraising capacities on the local level?

Can we give your contact information to someone in the area who might be looking for a local coordinator?