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What To Do With Your Test

A Brief Introduction to Creative Test Taking

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1. Tie a helium balloon to it and set it free.
2. Make smily faces in the bubbles.
3. Turn it into an airplane and throw it at the proctor's nose.
4. Use it as a tissue and cry away all the boredom.
5. Give yourself a papercut with it and plead to go to the nurse.
6. Lose it. (intentionally but cleverly.)
7. Eat it. Computers can not process tests with spit on them.
8. Sneeze on it.
9. Pretend to roll cigarettes out of it.
10. Tape it over your eyes and turn it into a blindfold.

(Warning: in case anyone feels like suing us over this flyer, all these ideas are strictly humor. Nomoretests.com is not responsible for any exams that end up with vomit all over them.)